Silicone Sex Doll Improved His Marriage



But it’s a female doll. Sergi Santos is a little worried about what will happen when they build a male robot.Want to stay passionate in a relationship? Try adding a robot sex doll.That is the suggestion of Sergi Santos, a Spanish inventor who has created a sex doll equipped with the latest artificial intelligence technology. “Samantha” is designed to respond to gentle temptations.


So when his partner of 16 years, Maritsa Kissamitaki, is not in the mood, the 39-year-old electrical engineer says the boobs allow him to be sexually released.”Men want to feel that women want to have sex with them,” santos told barcroft TV. “Most men don’t like sex if they think women can’t enjoy it completely. This is the cause of many sexual problems.As for him and his wife, santos said, “I need to have sex during the day when my wife doesn’t want it, and I say, ‘look, sex has destroyed a lot of relationships because of the lack of synchronization,’ and I don’t put that kind of pressure on my marriage.”The couple, who live in Catalonia, sell their randy robot for between $2,834 and $7,000.


Kissamitaki told Barcroft that she thought there was nothing wrong with her husband having a robot around.”I think for couples, as long as they trust and respect each other, sending a doll can help,” she said. “Even if you’re in tune with a lot of other things, maybe not sex, the doll can be a complementary element, it can be a solution.”But Mr. Santos acknowledged that he feared the opposite would happen to their relationship. Santos is planning to build a male sex robot.”I think I would be jealous if she used a male sex robot,” he told barcroft. “If I find out she likes that male doll more than I do, which means she doesn’t want to be with me, I’ll get a divorce.”Kissamitaki would love to try.

“I do find the idea of turning people into robots interesting. I’d love to make one. Whether I would personally use it, I don’t know. Probably out of curiosity, “she said.

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